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a sunny morning + winter brunch

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pan-fried kielbasa

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Browned-butter German pancakes 
{dusted with confectioners sugar + drizzled with warm syrup}

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Winter fruit salad
{orange supremes, sliced pear & diced banana
drizzled with ginger-mint syrup + a fresh squeeze of lime juice}  

A note on homemade syrups:
Simple syrup is exactly as it sounds -- simple in flavor, simple to create. Something would certainly be amiss if we opened our refrigerator door and at least one glass jar of sweet syrup wasn't sitting casually on the top shelf. Follow the recipe found here for the basic syrup. It is open to many alterations: brown sugars, turbinado; or you can add fresh ginger, jalapeno, citrus, or a variety of herbs to infused the syrup with lovely, delicate flavors. These can also be used to sweeten and flavor cocktails or homemade sodas.

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  1. Your blog is so utterly beautiful. You should be proud of it.

    1. Oh Ashley, I'm flattered! /: ) Thank you so very much!


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